May We Be Extraordinary!

Join our Fellowship family in answering God’s call to #BeExtraordinary! Download a copy of our #BeExtraordinary calendar as a reminder of things you can do throughout the month. Scroll down the page to discover activities and resources for each day. Bookmark this page, and come back often to #BeExtraordinary.

May 1 – Be extraordinary this month ✨

Are you ready to #BeExtraordinary? This is going to be an incredible month of seeing God move! Be sure to save this calendar or print it out, so you can join in each day for an EXTRAORDINARY activity. Today, read our theme verse, Isaiah 25:1.

May 2 – Begin a journal about the Lord’s greatness

Who knows what God will do in your life this month, and what EXTRAORDINARY plans He has for you? Start a journal to record this incredible journey, so you can look back and see how God moved.🙏 Use this devotion to inspire you!

May 3 – Enjoy the Sabbath

Take a walk today in God’s world.🌍 Thank Him for the beauty of His creation! Use this devotional to meditate on God’s creative work.

May 4 – Call your grandparents

FaceTime or call your grandchildren today and take a photo! SHARE your photo on Facebook with the hashtag #BeExtraordinary

May 5 – Join us for #GivingTuesdayNow!

Today is Giving Tuesday NOW, a special day to serve those who are in need due to the global coronavirus pandemic. This is an opportunity for your gift to impact TWICE as many people! Learn more about how you can help! #GivingTuesdayNOW

May 6 – Does God want me to fast?

Fasting is both a physical and spiritual act. What does the Bible teach us about fasting? Learn more!

May 7 – Join the #FellowshipFast!

Join the #FellowshipFast Facebook event today, led by Yael Eckstein and Bishop Paul Lanier. You will be encouraged!

May 8 – Bear each other’s burdens 💛

Take a moment to reflect on Galatians 6:2. How can you carry someone’s burden today?💔💛  Use this devotional to learn how we can use our speech for good.

May 9 – Help your local community

Deuteronomy 15:10 says the Lord blesses the generous heart! Consider how you can give back to your community during this extraordinary time. Learn More!

May 10 – Celebrate Mom! 🎉

It’s time to honor the mothers in your life! Make a phone call or send a card, telling them how much you value the blessing they are. Yael’s devotional may provide some encouraging words you can share from Scripture! 🌷

May 11 – Give an extraordinary shout out!

Who is someone in your life who is extraordinary? Share about them on Facebook using the #BeExtraordinary hashtag. Don’t forget to tag that person in your post!

May 12 – Random act of kindness

Rebekah, Isaac’s wife and the second matriarch of Israel, was known for her kindness. To learn more about Rebekah’s kindness, read our A Woman of Valor booklet. What act of kindness can you do today?

May 13 – Dedicate one hour of your day to fasting

What are some areas that you can cut back on to refocus on the Lord? Perhaps foregoing an hour of TV. Learn more about the significance of fasting.

May 14 – Provide emergency aid to an elderly Jew

Learn more about how YOU can help an elderly Jew living in the former Soviet Union who needs medical assistance during this extraordinary time.

May 15 – It’s time for spring cleaning! 🌷

Clean and be generous at the same time! Go through your closets and donate your gently used clothes to a local shelter. This chapter from Yael Eckstein’s book, Generation to Generation, teaches the importance of generosity to the poor. Download your copy now!

May 16 – Check in on the elderly in your life 💛

Honor the elderly in your life today with a wellness check. Call, text, FaceTime – they would LOVE to hear from you. Share your favorite Bible verse and why. Read more about the importance of the older generation and faith in Yael Eckstein’s book, Generation to Generation.

May 17 – Send a thank you to Fellowship staff!

Send words of encouragement to Fellowship volunteers and staff who are serving the elderly on the front lines of this crisis. Let them know that we are standing beside them as they provide your extraordinary support to vulnerable Jews!

May 18 – Pray like Hannah

Be like Hannah, a woman of valor, and pray for the people in your life today. Which woman of valor are you? Take our quiz!

May 19 – Discover new ways to pray!

In Judaism, prayer is considered the work of the heart. Learn more about the power of prayer. 🙏

May 20 – Teach your children about faith

Yael Eckstein’s new book, Generation to Generation, will inspire you and provide practical tips on passing your faith onto your children or grandchildren!

May 21 – Prayer Service TONIGHT

Join the Fellowship Prayer Service tonight with Fellowship Family member Bishop Paul Lanier. 🙏

May 22 – Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Today is Jerusalem Day! Join the Jewish people in prayer for the peace of Jerusalem on this Holy Day. 🙏 Test your knowledge of Jerusalem with our quiz.

May 23 – Count your blessings 🎁

Exercise gratefulness! Write a note of gratitude. Journal what you are most grateful for. Share the top 3 things you are grateful for on Facebook using the hashtag #BeExtraordinary.

May 24 – Recalibrate!

Yael calls the Sabbath an opportunity to refocus and recalibrate. What do you need to recalibrate in YOUR life? Share with us on Facebook using hashtag #BeExtraordinary

May 25 – Honor our veterans

Commemorate U.S. Memorial Day with The Fellowship by praying for the memories of those who lost their lives and for the loved ones of those who fell in service to our country.

May 26 – Choose faith over fear!

During these extraordinary times, sometimes we all need a break from the news. What act of faith can YOU do instead of watching the news? Share with us on Facebook using hashtag #BeExtraordinary

May 27 – Learn from the Proverbs 31 Woman

Read Proverbs 31. But don’t stop there – reach out to the woman of valor in YOUR life who you think of when you read Proverbs 31. This short video from Yael Eckstein will teach you more about the Proverbs 31 woman!

May 28 – Reflect and prioritize

Take some time today to reflect on your life and current priorities. Then share your top 3 priorities with your family by tagging them in a post on Facebook and using the hashtag #BeExtraordinary

May 29 – Lessons on thankfulness with Yael

Today is the Jewish holiday of Shavout. This day focuses on thanking the Lord for all He has done. Learn more about Shavout here.


How has your life become EXTRAORDINARY this month? Share with us on Facebook using the hashtag #BeExtraordinary and tell us how you have seen this come true in your life. Read our theme verse, Isaiah 25:1.

May 31 – Reflect on how God has worked

Share with us from your extraordinary journal ✍️ What’s the most extraordinary thing you saw or did? How did God act in extraordinary ways this month?

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