Purim — A Celebration of Bravery & Deliverance from Destruction

Purim is one of the most joyous and fun holidays on the Jewish calendar. During the Purim celebration, Jews participate in a boisterous public reading of the biblical book of Esther, as well as delivering baskets of food and drink to friends, eating hat-shaped cookies, performing plays and parodies, and dressing up in costume.

Though the revelry is often compared to our American Halloween or Mardi Gras, the inspiration for this early spring holiday (held the 14th day of the month of Adar on the Jewish calendar) is actually quite serious: a time of grave danger for the Jewish people, and an inspiring Jewish woman—Esther—who displayed great faith and courage to save them.

Let’s Learn about Purim

Explore the deeper meaning behind the joyous festival of Purim, by reading about this holiday based on the events that occurred in the book of Esther from Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein's book, How Firm a Foundation, listening to podcasts from Rabbi Eckstein's Holy Land Moments broadcast, watching a video from Rabbi Eckstein's teachings on this holiday, or reading an overview of the holiday.

Celebrating Purim

Find out how Purim is celebrated by the Jewish people throughout the world by reading an excerpt from Yael Eckstein's book, Holy Land Reflections, listening to "Yael's Corner" podcast on Purim, watching "Ask Yael" as she explains the meaning behind Purim, or reading a short brochure on celebrating Purim.

Recipes for Purim

On Purim, it is traditional to eat foods that have "hidden" ingredients to symbolize the hidden miracles that God performed on behalf of His people. Another favorite Purim treat are cookies named after the villain of the story, Haman. Try one or more of these with your family!

Going Deeper

Expand your understanding of the Purim celebration and its significance not only to the Jewish faith, but also to the Christian faith, through our Bible Study on the main character, Queen Esther. Or read our Purim devotions to find spiritual insights and encouragement.

Kids' Corner

Why do Jewish boys and girls dress up in costumes for Purim? Who is Haman and why do Jewish children boo every time they hear his name? Find out more about Purim, with a PowerPoint presentation that tells the story of the courageous Queen Esther. Download any of the fun activity pages for more information about this joyous time.

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