Hanukkah — A Season of Miracles Young children lighting the candles on a Menorah in the dark for Hanukkah

Hanukkah — A Season of Miracles

What is Hanukkah?  This Jewish holiday is one of the most joyous festivals of the Jewish calendar. Discover more about what is Hanukkah and this celebration of God’s wondrous miracles and the many important lessons Hanukkah has for both Christians and Jews through our rich resources of studies, podcasts, videos, devotionals, and recipes of traditional foods for the Jewish holiday.

Let’s Learn About Hanukkah

Explore the deeper meaning behind Hanukkah, also know as the Festival of Lights, by reading about this joyous festival from Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein's book, How Firm a Foundation, listening to podcasts from Rabbi Eckstein's Holy Land Moments broadcast, or watching videos from Rabbi Eckstein's teachings on this holiday.

a family celebrating hanukkah

Celebrating Hanukkah Podcasts

Find out how Hanukkah is celebrated by the Jewish people throughout the world by listening to a podcast about "Celebrating Hanukkah in Israel," reading a selection from Yael's book, Holy Land Reflections, or an overview bulletin on this joyous festival.
Going Deeper

Going Deeper

Expand your understanding of the Hanukkah celebration and its significance not only to the Jewish faith, but also to the Christian faith, through a Bible Study, an overview and video teaching about the history of the menorah, and Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein's devotional guide to Hanukkah with spiritual insights and encouragement during this season of lights and miracles.
A row of olive oil cakes with powdered sugar on top for Hanukkah

Recipes for Hanukkah

On Hanukkah, it is traditional to eat foods made with oil, particularly olive oil, in commemoration of the miracle of the menorah. When the Jews reached the Temple, they only found one jar of olive oil, enough to keep the eternal flame of the menorah lit for one day.  In…

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