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Learn to ‘Be Still’

Learn to ‘Be Still’

When we find ourselves in situations that are beyond our control, we also need to turn toward God and learn to 'be still.'

Man with wedding ring praying with his hands to his mouth

Connect with Our Inner Wisdom

At times, we are able to connect with our inner wisdom and that valuable insight can inform our decisions.

Man holding his hands up to head in anguish

Blinded by Anger

However, the Egyptians were blinded by their anger, which caused them to act out in a way that was self-defeating.

Send Your Prayers to the Western Wall

With God’s Help

When I feel overwhelmed, I remember I am just a tool in God’s hands. Without Him, I am nothing, but with God’s help, I can do anything.

Pharaoh Cobra Headdress | Be a Staff, Not a Snake, Exodus 7:9

Fulfilling Our God-given Role

When you happily fulfill your God-given role in the best way that you possibly can, you achieve greatness in life and earn your place in heaven.

Woman sitting on the ground holding her knees and crying.

Stuck in Despair

The lesson for all of us is that when we feel discouraged, or that we are stuck in a pit of despair, we can — and should — take action to restore our body and soul.

Man sits on park bench praying for Israel

Keep Your Focus ‘On the Inside’

Try to keep your focus 'on the inside.' Be modest, be discrete, and be less concerned about pleasing others and more concerned about pleasing God.

Build a Future Based on Faith

Build a Future Based on Faith

Our trust in God must be propelled toward the future. We have to use our past experiences of God’s providence to build a future based on faith.

Yael Eckstein points at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in the distance

Standing on Holy Ground

God wanted Moses to understand from the very beginning that in order to do God’s holy work, Moses needed to remain sensitive to the pain and needs of God’s children.

A hand appearing to hold the sunset in the background 2 Chronicles 15:2

Don’t Miss Out on God’s Wonders

If people can miss such unmistakable talent right before their very eyes and ears, what other of God’s wonders are most of us missing out on?

Don’t Limit Our Gratitude

Don’t Limit Our Gratitude

Yet, the truth is that sometimes we don’t behave much better and we tend to limit our gratitude to whatever is right before us.

Children's shoes at Auschwitz

Every Victim Has a Name

Victims are more than statistics. Every victim has a name. As it says in Isaiah, each person deserves “a memorial and a name.” (56:5).

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