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Good Investments

Non-material items like love, kindness, and faith – those prove invincible, stormproof, and life-giving.

Pillar of Cloud

The pillar of cloud represents God's presence on earth.

The Miracles of Sarah’s Tent

We can make our home a place of love and light, a space where people can find rest and be revived.

The Right Kind of Girl

When considering others' needs, let's try to see the world from their perspective.

The Blessing of Praying for Others

By praying for others who need what we need, we can give and receive at the same time!

As Miracles Take Flight

God has been and continues to pave the way toward the final redemption.

Listen Before You Speak

We must first listen fully and understand deeply before we dare pass judgment and make our opinion known.

Never Too Great

No job is beneath us. It is our honor and privilege to help other people.

LORD, Make Me Successful

Never underestimate the power of asking God for help.

Give Your Heart to God

When we give our hearts over to God, we are able to follow Him automatically and more powerfully.

A Light unto the Nations

Knowledge without God is not wisdom.

God’s Purpose Will Prevail

God Almighty, promised that while the nation of Israel would be punished and exiled for disobedience, He would not let us be utterly destroyed.

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