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Being a Mensch

A person may study the Word of God and be able to quote verses by heart, but if he can't apply them to his life, it's not worth very much.

No Pain No Gain

It's often through our greatest pain that we enjoy our greatest gain.

Step Up for God

As the Jewish sages taught thousands of years ago, "In a place where there are no men, strive to be a man."

Judge Mercifully

God looks at how we judge others and uses our judgment as the barometer for how He will judge us.

There Is a Judge

No matter how things may seem, we know there is a God and justice will ultimately prevail – even if we don't understand how that will happen.

Justice and Mercy

God will hold us accountable for our behavior, whether we acknowledge it or not.

Justice Will Be Served

Rather than take revenge or allow feelings of hatred or pity to wash over us, we need to trust in God.

Let God Heal Your Wounds

Not only can God help heal us, promote us, and make things better than ever before, but ultimately only God can deal properly with our enemies.

Accept No Bribes

Let go of the pleasure and comforts that each decision affords, and then look for your answer anew.

Proclaim Liberty

Treat everyone with honor and dignity. We are all equals.

Remember Our Mission

It's important to remember what we are fighting for and be inspired to work as hard as we can until the vision of a harmonious world becomes a reality.

Happy No Matter What!

We can always worship God, which means that we can always be happy.

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