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Loving the Unlovable

Moses [taught] the people that before they could become deserving of God's unconditional love, they had to have unconditional love for each other.

Attaining Spiritual Wealth

Wealth stored in heaven is the best place to invest our riches.

God Loves His Children

If we think God hates us, there is probably something about us that we don't like and need to change. God always has and always will love us.

The Right Place

To know one's place means to know where we belong and to know that where we belong is the best place for us.

Children of the Most High

It is so important for people to know who they are so that they can fulfill their life's mission.

Love the Children

When a tragedy of such magnitude occurs, there simply are no words . . . Our silent faith says more than any words could.

These Are “The Days”

The days that the prophet Amos spoke about have already begun.

Live to Bless, Not to Impress

Too many people live their lives for other people and miss out on what God has truly put on their heart.

Seek God and Be Happy

Seeking God means devoting your heart and soul to finding Him in every situation, in every moment, of every day.

Over Our Heads

Psalm 69 reminds us that no matter how hopeless the situation may seem, there is always hope for salvation.

God Will Pass Over You

He [God] passes over our transgressions. He overlooks so many of our shortcomings, preferring mercy over strict judgment.

This Holy Season

The lamb's blood would be the only path to salvation - without it, their firstborn would die, along with those of the Egyptians.

The Triumph of Faith over Fact

According to Jewish tradition, four-fifths of the Israelites did not leave Egypt. They weren't ready to step out in faith and follow God . . .

How He Loves Us

The celebration of Passover is also the celebration of God's love for us.

Thank God Day by Day

Giving gratitude is a practice of the senses and a reminder that we need to be sensitive to all the different ways that God has blessed us.

“Think and Thank”

When we are poor and hungry, it's easier to have a natural and complete reliance upon God. But when we are full, it's all too common to forget about God.

Remember What We Are Fighting For

Our goal is that the entire world will joyfully recognize God - not that they will be oppressed, repressed, and depressed.

Don’t Take Anything for Granted

"We don't rely on miracles" means that we acknowledge the miracles in our lives and realize that they are God-given gifts.

In Seasons of Drought

God wants to have a relationship with us. Sometimes, a drought is His way of calling our attention to Him.

Our Rock and Our Shaper

Just as we need to work on our bodies to get in shape, God will cause us to work hard so that He can shape our souls.

God Will Prepare the Way

We can't know what tomorrow will bring, but God does, and He is already preparing the way for us.

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