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True Miracles

We don’t need to wait for a sea to divide or mountains to leap. For miracles, we need to look no further than ourselves.

Daily Dose of Faith

Believing in miracles – ones that happen to us every single day – is so very important and that is why we have to remind ourselves daily.

Be a Staff, Not a Snake

The miracle wasn’t meant to impress; it was intended to send a message.

The Blessing of Faith

Faith is the water that nourishes our roots, our soul, and allows us to flourish whatever the situation.

A Fortress of Faith

It is our very faith that has the power to turn around the worst situation and bring about the greatest miracles.

Don’t Wait, Have Faith

Solomon teaches us in the book of Ecclesiastes to have faith and take the first step, even when we can’t see how everything will work out in the end.

From the Mountain Most High

When we have faith, we understand that no matter how bad thing may appear, things are always good because everything comes from God.

Finish with Faith

Even when our faith falters, let us return to this prayer and finish with faith.

Spread the Faith

Both fear and faith require us to hang our hats on something that hasn’t yet happened. So why not choose faith?

Faith for Today

It is our responsibility to take hold of the resources offered to us via faith in God and make them a part of our daily lives.

Award-Winning Faith

God is the perfect guide and He will always lead us faithfully.

Passing the Tests of Faith

There are times when people will tell us one thing, but God says another.

Belief in Action

There will be times in our lives when our faith will be strong, but our fear will seem stronger.

A Fountain of Faith

We all have the ability to be a fountain of faith for our family, friends, and community.

Stand in Faith

We need our faith to carry us through hard times.

A Little Bit of Faith

Every miracle — large or small — begins with an act of obedience.

Acting in Faith

We must hold on to our faith. In this way, we, too, will become worthy servants of God.

Do You Trust Me?

We need to stop working so hard at making a living that we neglect to make a life.

Praise the Lord for Every Breath

No matter how difficult our circumstances, we can always be grateful for our ability to breathe and the fact that we are alive.

An Exercise in Faith

Faith is something that needs to be cultivated throughout our lives.

Keep the Faith

When we go through the dark times in our lives, we need to focus on God’s promises and stay obedient in faith.

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