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A Healing Heart

“A heart at peace” is called “a healing heart.” The Jewish sages explained that a healing heart is a soft heart; a heart that accepts and forgives is kind and generous.

Levites leading worship

Using the Power of Our Voice

To love God means using the power of our voice and taking a stand for His honor and His values -- even if we stand alone.

Yael eckstein with elderly woman Katerina

Our Privilege and Responsibility

Sometimes our job seems difficult, but that doesn’t mean that we have permission to give up. Our mission is our privilege – and our responsibility.

Yael and family with menorah

We Each Count in God’s Eyes

God wanted them to know that each one was precious to Him. The same is true for us today — we each count and matter in God’s eyes.

The Three Acts of Faith

The Three Acts of Faith

These three acts of faith not only describe what made the children of Israel worthy back then; they also teach us how to become worthy of receiving God’s Word today.

Use Our Failures to Grow

Use Our Failures to Grow

When we make mistakes, do as Adam did and pray as David prayed: use your failure to grow and to become even greater than before.

Open road

Follow Your Own Righteous Path

We need to find “our own righteousness” and choose to follow the right path for us, regardless of what anyone else thinks and what everyone else is doing.

Olga Lewinsky

Living, Breathing Miracles

While the nation of Israel would be punished and exiled, He would not let us be destroyed. And God keeps His promises!

We Are All Equal

We Are All Equal

No matter how things may appear, we are all equal and worthy before God. We all came to this world the same, and we will all leave it the same.

The Power of Letting Go

The Power of Letting Go

Most people don’t associate power with letting go, yet sometimes, the most effective thing that we can do to help our situation is to let go of it.

On Our Spiritual Journey

On Our Spiritual Journey

We need both forms of worship on our spiritual journey. Sometimes we need to feel inspired and connected; other times we need to follow God’s decrees from a place of faithful obedience.

Yael Eckstein praying at Western Wall

Shift Our Faith to God

When we shift our faith from human beings to God, we can experience miraculous protection and salvation and can overcome our challenges.

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