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The Apple of Your Eye

Because we are the apple of God's eye, we know that He will protect us.

It’s Habit-forming

Blessings sprinkled throughout our days enable us to transform virtually every moment of our lives into a prayerful experience.

In Case of Emergency

Praying continually throughout the day is not only a good idea, but also is a good way to keep our priorities straight throughout the day.

Cry Out to God

It's OK to be sad and it’s all right to cry. God doesn’t ask us to keep our painful emotions pent up inside.

A Model for Prayer

The words of someone greater than ourselves can give us the tools we need to pray our most powerful prayers.

Prayer Is the Answer

Prayer is the greatest change agent that there is.

Bring Us Back, Father

When it feels like God is stopping us in our tracks, it’s because He is steering us in another direction.

A Prayer for Our Enemies

We are used to praying for our friends, but sometimes we also need to pray for our enemies as well.

Pray with Grace

We should approach pray with grace, live with grace, so that God will answer us with grace.

The Power of Heaven–Piercing Prayers

Prayer is like a bow and arrow. The farther back an arrow is drawn, the farther it will travel.

Grateful for What We Prayed For

Sometimes God waits for the right moment to answer our prayers ... so that we might recognize His answer for the blessing that it truly is.

Pray for God’s Promises

Even when something is promised and destined to happen, we still have to pray for it.

Beginning a New Day

A new light is ready to come into the world and into our lives every day.

The Darkest Hour

We are reminded that although our beloved Israel remains under the constant threat of war and destruction, we should not despair.


When we go through challenges in life, we aren’t supposed to pray that they disappear altogether.

For Zion’s Sake

We need to love Israel and the people of Israel with our hands and with our voices.


Life’s a bumpy ride when we tie our well-being to our circumstances.

Double Comfort

The future will be better, and whether you can see it right now, the present is the gift that makes the future possible.

Give Me Strength

Just as God was able to help Abraham achieve a miraculous victory, God would also help His people in the future.

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

When we go through the rainy days of our lives, it is so important to hold a vision for the future that will see us through our darkest hours.

God Won’t Give Up

When God sends us troubles, let’s remember that it’s not an act of cruelty, but an act of deep, unfathomable love.

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