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The Laughter of Joy

The Laughter of Joy

The laughter of joy lifts up our spirits and helps us realize that nothing is as bad as it seems and that things can get better in an instant.

Abraham greets three strangers

Get Closer to God by Being Like Him

Spiritually, two entities become close when they are similar to one another. If we want to be close to God, we need to be like Him.

Praising God

Praise God All Day Long

If you have the power to complain all the time, you can also use the same power to give thanks and praise God all day long.”

building the sukkah

We Trust in God’s Plans

Only God decides what will happen. Even when we don’t like how things turn out, we trust in God’s plan and that everything is for the best.

woman and family at Christian center displaying true repentance

Remain Strong in Faith

Sometimes it seems that things aren’t going the way that they should be. But we need to remain strong in faith that it’s all part of God’s plan.

The Purpose of God’s Tests

The Purpose of God’s Tests

The purpose of God's tests — and all tests in life — is not so that God can know what we are capable of, but so that we will know what we are able to do.

Man blessing his sons

How Can I Be a Blessing?

While most people go through life asking, “How can I become blessed?” the question that we should be asking is “How can I be a blessing to others?”

Yael Eckstein spends time with family on beach

Find Our True Selves

The reality is that when we follow God, we find our true selves. When you hear God’s call, don’t hesitate. Go where God calls you!

Woman sitting on the ground holding her knees and crying.

Close to the Brokenhearted

Sometimes, the more broken the heart is, the more light is able to enter. During those times, God is extra close to the brokenhearted.

Yael prepares for Sukkot

Live by the Grace of God

On Sukkot, we move outside into rickety huts; we choose vulnerability and we relish the opportunity to live by the grace of God.

Tower of Babel

Building Towers to ‘Hold Up the Sky’

Too often, we try to “hold up the sky,” spending our time and effort to control things not in our control rather than trusting God.

the four seasons

The Blessing of the Seasons

God gave us the blessings of seasons because He wants people to experience longing and lacking so that they will pray to Him.

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