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little boy with tzedakah box

An Essential Part of Life

The Jewish concept of tzedakah beckons us to understand that charity is an act that profoundly affects both the giver and the receiver.

bear fruit, closeup of a pomegranate on tree

Be a Giving Tree

People who contribute to the world through acts of kindness, generosity, and service are like trees that bear fruit.

mother daughter hugging. The LORD said to Moses, “Take vengeance on the Midianites for the Israelites. After that, you will be gathered to your people.” — Numbers 31:1-2

Encouraging Faith

Every day, we have the opportunity to spread fear or to increase faith.

God Will Fight for You

God Will Fight for You

The reason that God instructed the priests to inspire the fighters before war is because, from a spiritual perspective, the success of any battle is not due to the might or numbers of the army, but to the will of God.

Trusting God Wholeheartedly

Trusting God Wholeheartedly

To trust God wholeheartedly means to know that whatever lies ahead will always be exactly what we need, for our own good, and from God.

Everything Belongs to God

Everything Belongs to God

Everything we own doesn’t really belong to us.

Yael distributing Rosh Hashanah food boxes

A Generous Heart

Their [my parents] ultimate goal was for us to become generous people — people who looked past our own desires and concerns and saw the needs and challenges of others.

female soldiers with green and red berets mourn cry at Shon Mondshine’s funeral

The Soul Lives On

When someone is called home by God, we need to go through the process of mourning, but never become consumed by it.

Students paying attention to the front of a classroom in Israel

In God’s Eyes

It’s far more important to “fit in” with God and be cast aside by the people around us then to fit in with everyone around us and be cast away by God!

Serving God YOUR Way

Serving God YOUR Way

Each of us has been graced with a set of talents. We must figure out what they are and serve God with them.

Flame of fire around a coin.

Today Is Your Day

Every day is an opportunity to choose God, obedience, and blessings.

Serene image of a forest with the sunlight shining through

The Forest of Freedom

Through living in a forest of limitations, we find our true freedom – and that happens when we find God.

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