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The Secret to a Strong Marriage

If you have been given the gift of marriage, consider the ways you can show your partner honor and respect.

Never Forget

Consider what you can do today to remember the Holocaust and to pass on these stories to the next generation so that we will never forget

To Every One, a Memorial and a Name

Remember the victims of humanity's most horrendous atrocity. But more importantly, resolve to take action to ensure that such a catastrophe will never happen again.

A Young Girl’s Legacy

God has gifted each one of us with unique abilities and opportunities to accomplish His purposes.

My Brother’s Keeper

We all have a responsibility to those around us. God desires that we serve as guardians for one another.

I Am My Brother’s Keeper

We are the keepers of our brothers and sisters.

More Precious than Gold

Let's honor the memory of those who perished in the Holocaust by living meaningful and purposeful lives, instead of wasting them away in pursuit of things that don't really matter.

I Will Not Be Silent

Speak to Israel and for Israel. Let us know that we are not alone, and let the world know that you will not stand idly by.

Dancing with Faith

Let's not enough to talk about faith; we need to be willing to act on our faith.

Climbing Higher

As we climb above the clouds of despair, our faith and trust strengthen.

Every Day Counts

The message of the counting is to make every day count.

There Is No Other

Whenever a solution to our problem seems impossible, think "There is nothing but God." He parted the sea for Israel, and He can do the impossible for us, too.

Our Children, Our Future

We want our children to be interested in our story so that they will listen to it and make it their own.

This Holy Season

The Christian observance of Easter resonates back to the story of the Jews' escape and deliverance from Egyptian bondage three thousand years ago.

The Bitter and the Sweet

God promised that there would be bitterness, but then there would also be blessings.

Celebrating Salvation

Often the things we thought were working against us are what will lead to victory.

Overcoming Nature

We are called at times to go against our nature for a higher purpose.

God Will Pass Over You

This Passover, remember that God runs the world with abundant mercy.

Teach Your Inner Child

No matter how old we are, the rest of our life can be the best of our life.

“Let Me Hear Your Voice”

When you are facing a difficult situation with seemingly no way out, the solution is to cry out to God in prayer.

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