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Playing Our Part in God’s Plan

I drew strength from Esther who doubted her abilities but accepted the role that God had given her.

It’s All Right Here

Happiness isn’t somewhere over the rainbow; it is right here, wherever God has placed us.

In the Right Time

My time is when I think things should happen; Divine time is God’s perfect timing

Be an Original

God doesn’t want us to go around looking at how He made other people. He wants us to look at how He made us.

You Count

It is human nature to wonder how much we matter when there are others who matter, too.

Celebrate with Trembling

Happily ever after can only be achieved when it isn’t dependent upon outside circumstances.

Faith Over Fear

If we are to overcome the challenges in our lives, our faith must be bigger than our fear.

Serve God in Every Season

Life is so beautiful when we focus on what we have been given by God and what we have to give to His purposes.

The Fuel of Faith

Like olives, the more Israel was crushed, the greater they became, and the more faith they exuded.

The Wisdom of the Heart

True wisdom comes from God and lives in our hearts.

Let Others Shine

Look for those opportunities in our own lives where we can step back in order to help others advance.

The Right Way to Say It

For everything that we say, there is a wrong way and a right way to say it. The nuances may seem small, but the difference in the outcome is huge.

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