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A Little Taste of Paradise

In a sea of busyness, Shabbat was — and is — the anchor of my life.

The Return on Kindness

The kindness that a person does today returns to him or her; it’s only a matter of time.

The Blessing of What We Have

When we concentrate on what we do have, we can always feel abundantly blessed.

‘What Is Your Name?’

We get to choose, by way of our character and deeds, how others will think about us when they hear our name.

A Lasting Legacy

Sharing God’s light and passing it on to the next generation is a contribution that lasts forever.

Our Spiritual Compass

For the believer, righteousness and morality must be the guiding light for his or her life.

A Day to Return

Shabbat has always been a source of strength and a conduit for clarity among the Jewish people.

Embracing Our New Beginnings

Every end is an opportunity to take all the positive, instructive, and joyful moments and infuse them into our next chapter.

Turn Your Face Toward God

We, too, can draw God’s favor toward us when we appreciate our blessings, whether they are a little or a lot.

The Gift of God’s World

God has created a world filled with beauty and delights specifically for us to enjoy. It gives Him great pleasure when we partake of His blessings with sincere gratitude and joy.

The Secret to Healthy Relationships

If God can let His honor be diminished for the sake of harmony, so can we.

“Give Light to My Eyes”

Sometimes when we are feeling hopeless, stressed, or afraid, we lack the vision to see how we can help ourselves.

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