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Focus on Your Given Role

God gives out roles, not rewards in this world.

Enjoy the Gifts of God

Too many of us, too many times, do not recognize the gifts that we have been given.

Do It with Love

It's not about how much we can give, but how much love is in our hearts while we are giving.

Be Good to Your Family

The occasional disagreements or fallouts are nothing compared to the support, love, and lifelong companionship that family has to offer.

The Hallmark of Our Faith

The hallmark of both the Jewish and Christian faiths is love — for God, for family and friends, for our neighbors, for one another, and for the world.

A Song of Grace

God loves us despite our faults; He is merciful and forgiving.

See the Suffering of Others

The way of God is the way of light – of seeing the suffering of others and helping where we can.

“Do It Myself”

We can't do it all ourselves, and thanks to God, we don't have to.

Like a Father

When God looks at His children He sees the whole picture, and so He judges them favorably and has deep compassion for them.

Are You Ok?

A lot of people look fine, but are not ok at all.

Take Care of Yourself

Often, the greatest way to serve others is by first giving ourselves what others need to be given.

Fill Up On Love

Fill yourself with God's love, and there'll be no space for anything else.

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