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I Am Third

Any time we gain at the expense of another human being, we are selling out. That, says God, is intolerable.

Heart to Heart

"Words that come from the heart go straight to the heart."

Build and Rebuild

Friends, let's be inspired to rebuild when something we have worked for gets destroyed.

Find Something Good in Every Day

When we are feeling down, we should look to what is good in our lives.

Better a House of Mourning

We will live every day to the fullest, and ultimately, a complete and meaningful life.

God’s Promises

A wedding in Jerusalem is not just a demonstration of the love between a couple . . . it is also a demonstration of God's love for His people.

Living in God’s Embrace

[God] is always with us, but it's up to us to be aware of His presence and make it felt.

Water for the Thirsty Soul

We have to nourish our godly soul sufficiently, the same way that we are mindful to nurture our physical needs.

Loving the Unlovable

Moses [taught] the people that before they could become deserving of God's unconditional love, they had to have unconditional love for each other.

Attaining Spiritual Wealth

Wealth stored in heaven is the best place to invest our riches.

God Loves His Children

If we think God hates us, there is probably something about us that we don't like and need to change. God always has and always will love us.

Passing the Tests of Faith

I want to encourage us all to pass the tests of faith that come into our lives. There are times when people will tell us one thing, but God says another.

The Right Place

To know one's place means to know where we belong and to know that where we belong is the best place for us.

Children of the Most High

It is so important for people to know who they are so that they can fulfill their life's mission.

Love the Children

When a tragedy of such magnitude occurs, there simply are no words . . . Our silent faith says more than any words could.

These Are “The Days”

The days that the prophet Amos spoke about have already begun.

Live to Bless, Not to Impress

Too many people live their lives for other people and miss out on what God has truly put on their heart.

A Nation Reborn

Weeping is turned into celebration; mourning the loss of those who gave up their lives for our country turns into joy at the fact that we have a country.

Seek God and Be Happy

Seeking God means devoting your heart and soul to finding Him in every situation, in every moment, of every day.

Bless Israel with Love

In order for a blessing to have power and influence, it must stem from a place of love, not an obligation.

Over Our Heads

Psalm 69 reminds us that no matter how hopeless the situation may seem, there is always hope for salvation.

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