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God Will Purify Our Hearts

Fire burns away sin. Water cleanses the soul. Together, they create a more righteous individual.

We Need Your Cries

When we cry for one another, we have a greater effect and can evoke miraculous salvation.

Many Voices, One Sound

When a group of people all pray for the same thing, our prayers are stronger and more powerful than if we were each praying on our own.

The Iron Crucible

Just as a crucible purifies silver, the suffering in Egypt served to purify the children of Israel.

The Silent Scream

We can cry to God with our hearts and awaken His great power in our lives.

Serve Him on Every Road

On every path and on every road that you find yourself on in life, serve God.

Feeling the Pain of Others

Empathy is born out of experience.

Paid in Full

May we always be motivated to give generously and live compassionately.

Be a Source of Comfort

When we see someone in pain, God directs us to provide them with comfort.

The Lord Is Your Shadow

The greatest kindness that we can do for ourselves is to be profusely kind to everyone else!

Pay Attention and Listen

God sends us messages all day long; we only need to pay attention and listen.

Simply Put

It's nothing elaborate that God wants from us; He simply wants us our soul and our heart.

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