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One God, Two Worlds

With God's help, you can stand up to the greatest of bullies and rest with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that our only Master is God.

To Kindle a Soul

A good teacher doesn't just teach her students what to do – she teaches them how to think.  

Making Inspiration Real

We need to take the inspiration and make it real so that it becomes a lasting part of who we are and how we live. 

Wings that Fly

Just as the wings on the back of a bird can be seen as something that either weighs it down or helps it soar, so too, God gave us two humps – the two tablets – which we can see as a burden or use them to fly. 

Celebrating Failure

Our failures contribute to our success as equally as our accomplishments do. 

Remember the Good

When we remember, be grateful, and only then take action. 

Raise Your Flag

Find your instrument and play it out loud in the great symphony of mankind. 

Lies that Hurt, Words that Heal

Our enemies may use their words to harm, but we can use our words to heal. 

The Turkey Prince

When we want to inspire other people, we need to approach them on a level on which they can relate. 

Living with Direction

We need to be crystal clear about where we are headed in life if we want to ensure that we stay on the right track. 

Today is The Day

Every day is the day that "the LORD has made." He has created everything in this day exactly as it should be.

Living Prophecies

We are living in miraculous times and watching biblical prophecies unfold before our very eyes. 

Heart to Heart

Fill your heart with love and God will dwell there, too. 

Living On Purpose

To live "on purpose" means that everything we do in life aligns with our purpose on this planet. 

Who We Really Are

We are really spiritual beings, and we are here having a physical experience for the span of a lifetime. 

The Wisest Gifts of All

God wants us to know that the amount we give is not important. God values gifts from the heart. 

The God of Our Salvation

The next time you are brought to your knees or feeling challenged in life, remember that it is all part of the process of salvation.

Our Father and Our King

God is our loving Father, but He is also our King.

Kosher Inside and Out

If our behavior, and what is inside us truly matches our outward appearance and actions, we will be rewarded.

Bridging Heaven and Earth

When we make the physical spiritual, we will succeed in bridging heaven and earth.

This Holy Season

As we celebrate Easter, remember the Jews' miraculous deliverance on that first Passover and of God's divine leadership taking them from bondage to freedom.

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