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When we go through challenges in life, we aren’t supposed to pray that they disappear altogether.


Life’s a bumpy ride when we tie our well-being to our circumstances.

Double Comfort

The future will be better, and whether you can see it right now, the present is the gift that makes the future possible.

Give Me Strength

Just as God was able to help Abraham achieve a miraculous victory, God would also help His people in the future.

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

When we go through the rainy days of our lives, it is so important to hold a vision for the future that will see us through our darkest hours.

God Won’t Give Up

When God sends us troubles, let’s remember that it’s not an act of cruelty, but an act of deep, unfathomable love.

Know to Whom You Belong

We must remember that we are children of the Most High God.

Down to Earth

When you feel the most distant from God, He is probably the closest.

“This, Too, Shall Pass”

Just as God has saved us from troubles before, He will save us again: this, too, shall pass.

Whatever the Weather

People of unshakable faith have deep roots that penetrate beyond the surface, firmly planted in their trust of God.

On Your Feet

If suffering is part of life, then it’s certainly important for us to think about how to deal with it.

God Will Purify Our Hearts

Fire burns away sin. Water cleanses the soul. Together, they create a more righteous individual.

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