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Good Investment

When God makes an investment, He expects a return!

Our Miniature Temple

The home is called "the miniature Temple" because it is within our homes that we can replicate the service that was done in the Temple.

Holy Containers

Even though no one can see what we truly feel or how we behave behind closed doors, the way we are beneath the surface must reflect the way we are above it.

Give and Take

The giver is also the receiver. For as much as we give to each other, we receive that much and more in return from the Lord.

God Wants YOU!

God wants you to be His partner today and every day in perfecting the world.

Under the Wedding Canopy

Good marriages are about love commitment. Love without commitment is not dependable.

The First Commandment

We are obligated to know that God is part of our lives at every single moment.

Students of Life

More important than giving the Bible, is receiving it.

The Power of Song

Music is a vehicle through which we can reach God.

Looking Up

God's Providence extends to every detail of our lives on earth and nothing happens without His knowledge.

Food for Thought

The details of the manna teach us three very relevant lessons regarding our sustenance from God.

One Giant Leap

Take that step, make that leap, and trust in God. Follow Him in faith, and He will faithfully lead you through.

When Push Comes to Shove

Oftentimes we have to be pushed so that we will spread our wings and fly.


Hallelujah reminds us to see the big picture. It reminds us that evil is temporary, but goodness lasts forever.

Come with Me!

Let's choose to follow God, wherever He may take us.

We Are Believers

When it comes to the uncertainties in life, there is only one source of strength and one source of security: the Lord our God.

The Frog that Covered the Land

Such is the power of anger: It destroys everything and everyone who comes in its path, including its owner.

Introducing the Eternal God

We are witnessing the unfolding of prophecies before our very eyes.

Take Off Your Shoes

We who serve the Lord are on "holy ground." We must remain acutely sensitive to the needs of His children.

Be a Man

When we haven't taken a stand on something important, we need to step up and "be a man."

Eternal Gratitude

Judaism teaches that we must be grateful for the good done to us even if the same person also harms us.

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