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A Time to Speak Up

When you hear someone speak hatefully, you can speak up in love.

Lies that Hurt, Words that Heal

Our enemies may use their words to harm, but we can use our words to heal.

The Return of the Exiles

If the Jews exist today, it is only because God exists eternally.

Partners with Zion

God wants to give all people a chance to be involved in the rebuilding of the Holy Land.

A Cloud or a Dove?

But not all Jews will return to Israel in the same way. Some will come out of love and with great joy. Others will be pushed there, some against their will.

Any Given Morning

We need to wake up every morning, jump out of bed ready and willing to be our best.

On Wings of Eagles

Like an eagle, no one is higher than God. And like an eagle, He protects His children with love

Faith Inspires Faith

By studying . . . stories of faithfulness and meditating upon them, our own faith is strengthened.

Heaven Isn’t Far Away

Heaven isn't that far away. It's a place wherever kindness abounds, and it can be found around the corner, across the globe, or right inside your own home.

Don’t Hold Back

According to Judaism, when we give charity ... We are returning to the poor person what is rightfully his and what God has given us to steward.

Gifts of the Heart

A hug given with love can be far more meaningful than a hastily bought gift card.

The Only True Possessions

In the end, all possessions are meaningless; only our good deeds will be with us forever.

The Lord’s Shovel

When God sees that we use our money to help others, He blesses us with more.

Extending Acts of Kindness

Helping others through acts of kindness has always been of utmost importance in Judaism.

Our Rock and Our Shaper

When life isn't solid like a rock, let's remember that God is showing up as our shaper.

The Past Is Priceless

It is only when we appreciate our history that we can fully live in the present.

From the Ends of the Earth

From man's greatest fall came man's greatest contribution.

The Keeper of Promises

God does not break His promises.

We Come in the Name of God

Let God fight your battles today – and every day – and you will be victorious.

Israel’s Not-So-Secret Weapon

We know the secret to Israel's success, and God can be our secret weapon, too.

Bless Israel with Love

As you bless Israel with love, may God bless in return with His everlasting love.

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