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The Way Back Home

God is sitting on His throne and looking down that tunnel, waiting for every single one of His precious children to return home.

True Repentance

We will know we have achieved true repentance when we choose not to sin in circumstances where we might previously have sinned.

Like a Shepherd

Our Shepherd knows us. He created us, and He understands our frailties and our inclination toward sinfulness.

Cast Your Sins Away

Trust that God will not only forgive you, but He will also remove your sins from you.

Take a Stand

We can’t simply turn away from the bad – we must also commit to doing what is right.

Fix It, then Forget It

It takes humility and courage to apologize for our mistakes. Yet, the alternative is bearing a sin that God cannot erase.

Our Covered Sins

A deceitful spirit tries to hide sin, but one in whom there is no deceit does not try to cover it up or hide it from God.

Heal Our Land

God will forgive and bring healing to all those who seek Him earnestly in prayer and who come humbly before Him in true repentance.

First to Forgive

No matter how hurt we might be, when someone is truly remorseful, we must find it in our hearts to let go of the past and forgive.

All Is Forgiven

If we give in to those feelings of unworthiness, we will never be restored to our true selves.

From Curses to Blessings

The challenges in our lives are intended to lead us toward a path of repentance, which is also the path toward blessings.

Let God See that We Are Good

Life is a chance to do good and be good – an opportunity not afforded to those who have not been born or who have already passed.

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