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Trusting God in Difficult Times

What looks solid might be a house of cards if it is not based on the will of God, and what seems flimsy can be the most solid structure if God Himself is holding it up.

Above the Sun

Our good deeds and service to God ... only these things have meaning.

Shelter in the Storm

There is no need to worry, for we are sheltered by God.

My Heart Is His

God gives us the tools to make something of our lives, but we are the ones who determine what form our lives will take.

The Gift of Time

Spend some meaningful time with God, with family, with old friends, and maybe with some new ones. There is no greater joy!

A Major Lesson from a Minor Prophet

Though God desires repentance and prefers life over death, sometimes punishment is the only option.

Truth and Mercy

We need encouragement and an affirmation that repentance is worthwhile and forgiveness possible.

The Secret to Lasting Happiness

The commandment to not covet what others have demands that we control not just our actions but also our feelings and desires.

Be True to Yourself

If we want to experience the deep sense of serenity and joy that comes from making peace with others and with God, then we need to seek out those we have wronged and ask their forgiveness.

Saying I’m Sorry

Saying “I’m sorry” is the most critical and powerful step in repentance and forgiveness.

Rising Up

Every fall can keep you down. Or it can inspire you to rise up and stand taller than ever before.

A Second Chance

God’s love for humanity is so powerful that as soon as we truly and sincerely commit ourselves to Him, we are instantly granted a second chance.

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