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Mountains and Valleys

Mountains represent the high points in our lives. 

Soul Food

By nourishing our souls with the words of the Bible, we dramatically increase the odds of our good side dominating our lives. 

Celebrating the Light of the Torah

The fire symbolizes the light of the and the survival of this light is what we celebrate on this day.

Patience Is Paramount

Sometimes we are so sure that we know better and that perhaps God has made a mistake. But God doesn't make mistakes.

These Are “The Days”

These are the days of which the Bible speaks, the days that people have anticipated for thousands of years.

Judge Mercifully

If we pass judgment with mercy and kindness, and give someone the benefit of the doubt, then God will do the same for us.

Live to Bless, Not to Impress

Let us all live lives of meaningful contribution, even if not a single person notices. God notices.

How Good and Pleasant

When people stick together, we are capable of creating new things and discovering new cures.

United in Brotherly Love

Make a special effort to connect in a deeper way with someone we know who might be lonely or in need.

I Am My Brother’s Keeper

We the keepers of our brothers and sisters.

Loving the Unlovable

We need to stop looking so closely at other people and judging them.

Over Our Heads

When you feel like you've been treading water for way too long, or that the water is up to your neck threatening to engulf you, miracles do happen.

God Will Pass Over You

This Passover, remember that God runs the world with abundant mercy.

This Holy Season

The Christian observance of Easter resonates back to the story of the Jews' escape and deliverance from Egyptian bondage three thousand years ago. 

How He Loves Us

God's love for us is unwavering.

Thank God Day By Day

Today's gratitude must be different from yesterday's.

Be the Exception

Bring a good report about Israel, when the rest of the world concocts a bad one. Stand with God and stand for the truth.

For Such a Time as This

Wherever God has placed you, you need to serve Him in that role.

Speak On Jerusalem

Let us spread the truth about Israel as well as the needs of Israel. In this way, we comfort God's people greatly.

Remember What We Are Fighting For

It's important to remember what we are fighting for and be inspired to work as hard as we can until the vision of a harmonious world becomes a reality.

No Greater Love

We may never be asked to put our lives on the line, but we can make a commitment to stand against injustice, anti-Semitism, and prejudice in our own communities.

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