An Everlasting Covenant with God’s People

Pastor Tony Suarez and Paul Paino featured in a NYBRC promotion

“I will remember the deeds of the LORD;
    yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.”
(Psalm 77:11)

When he sat down to speak with The Fellowship, this is the psalm that Pastor Tony Suarez mentioned in his discussion of Israel—and the responsibility that people of faith, both Christian and Jewish, have to “learn the Scripture” and tell “the history of the Jewish people.” We all, as people of faith, must remember what God has done, and is doing. And His people, Israel, are certainly evidence of that.

A longtime friend of both Israel and The Fellowship, Pastor Suarez sat down with Dr. Paul Paino of The Fellowship’s Church Relations Department, to discuss his life and ministry, and the role that Christians play in supporting Israel.

Pastor Suarez reminds us all that “We must be vocal, we must be public, and at times demonstrative in our love and support for Israel because it’s time to stand for the Jewish people and their land.” And in doing so—in standing for and supporting God’s people—we are His “hands and feet.”

Join us for this inspirational conversation between two men of faith as they discuss our biblical mandate to stand for, to support, and to bless Israel—and learn more about Pastor Tony Suarez at Revivalmakers.

Episode Notes:

A third-generation Pentecostal preacher, Pastor Tony Suarez grew up learning about Israel and knowing that, as a Christian, it was his responsibility to stand for Israel. It is this message he brought to a discussion with Dr. Paul Paino of The Fellowship’s Church Relations Department.

Pastor Suarez takes us through his own story—raised in Chicago the son of a pastor from Colombia, founder and president of Revivalmakers, and a renowned evangelist whose ministry has taken him across the U.S., to the halls of Washington, and around the world.

The author of four books—Use Me Lord (2023), Revivalmakers (2022), Defeating the Spirit of Hyena (2021), and The Triumphant Church (2018)—he also serves as Chief Operating Officer of the nation’s largest Hispanic Christian organization, the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), and can be seen on Faith TV, One Voice Network, YouTube, the Victory Channel, and TBN.

And as Pastor Suarez shares in his conversation about Israel and the work of The Fellowship there, his first awareness of our work—which he says is “the hands and feet of Almighty God”—was via the medium of television.

Listen now to this inspirational and uplifting conversation between two Christians who truly stand for Israel and the Jewish people.