Healing a Broken Heart


Olga survived the horrors of the Holocaust, only to suffer in desperate poverty like thousands of Jews in Ukraine. She lives all alone in a freezing house that is barren of food, wondering when – if – she’ll eat again.

Yael brought food, blankets, and heating fuel to Olga, as well as to many other impoverished, isolated elderly Jews in villages outside Kiev.

Olga repeatedly asked, “Why am I alive? I’m freezing, and I’m hungry.”

It is hard to fully imagine the depths of Olga’s pain and fear. But we know we made a lifesaving difference that day.

That is why we urge you to rush your best gift to help tens of thousands of elderly Jews, like Olga, who are completely helpless and alone.

You can provide the LIFESAVING winter warmth essentials like heating fuel, firewood, warm clothing, and food that Jews in Ukraine and throughout the former Soviet Union desperately need.

Your help today truly is the difference between life and death, especially during the long, lonely, bitterly cold days of winter.

Please give your very best Operation Winter Warmth gift today while there is still time.