Etgarim Sailing Project

The Boat is Sailing uses sailing as a rehabilitative and therapeutic tool. The unique characteristics of sailing enable them to deal with varying symptoms of the disorder. The participants not only perform diverse assignments on board, but also take responsibility for the lives of other people as well as their own. By accomplishing these assignments, members gain methods of successful coping. The activity allows them to identify and understand their disabilities, and thus gain control over them.

Groups are invited to take a sail down the beautiful coast of Israel and meet the individuals who have been empowered to fight Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from affecting their lives. Enjoy yourself on the waters of the Mediterranean while helping to empower the incredible people of Israel who have protected our country.

  • Visit Duration: 2-4 hours
  • Booking: 2-3 months at least in advance – 02-646-1453
  • Group Size: 1-6 people per boat
  • Cost: This project is offered to groups who are interested in significantly contributing to the IFCJ and VIP groups.
  • Tour Activity: Visit

For tour suggestions, special programs, questions, or bookings please contact our tourism department in Israel: [email protected]

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