Visit a Fellowship Project

Are you looking to make your trip to Israel more impactful, why not include the Fellowship Programs Experience as part of your tour. Projects sponsored by The Fellowship are located throughout Israel and can be visited upon request. Volunteering opportunities are also available to help benefit the people of Israel while you’re in the Holy Land.

Yad Lakashish

Yad LaKashish is a non-profit organization that empowers and supports nearly 300 elderly Jerusalem residents on a daily basis by providing them with creative work opportunities in artistic workshops.

Afikim Youth Centers

Afikim is a network of afternoon centers across Israel that offer new hope and possibilities for disadvantaged, troubled families.

Daliyat El-Carmel

Join us for a tour, lecture from a spiritual leader, IDF military commander, or visit the Druze IDF pre-military college in Daliyat El-Carmel.

Eshel Soup Kitchens

The nature of the service provided by the volunteers helps to empower the individual’s self-worth by being served kindly by volunteers.

Etgarim Sailing Project

The Boat is Sailing uses sailing as a rehabilitative and therapeutic tool.

Karmei Hair

Karmei Hair is a little-known-about soup kitchen located right next to Machane Yehuda Shuk.

Neve Michael

Neve Michael, serves 250 children ages 4-18 years old from all over Israel.

Pantry Packers

Pantry Packers Jerusalem has been around since 1788! Pantry Packers, which organizes food packages for needy families in Israel

Susan’s House

Susan’s House is a unique program for teens-at-risk in the Israeli society. The organization employs teens-at-risk to work in the industrial on-site workshop to create works of art that are sold to the public.

The Jaffa Institute

The Jaffa Institute is multi-service social agency to create a new reality for thousands of underprivileged Israeli children from Jaffa, South Tel Aviv and Bat Yam.

Tour Musrara

The IFCJ delivers aid to communities throughout Israel. One community seldom seen is the community on the Seam, or Musrara.

Yad B’yad Lod

Yad B’yad goes above and beyond to provide second hand clothing, furniture, food packages, bridal dresses, and more for the needy.

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