• Prophecy: God’s Word to Us
    This two-part study on the topic of prophecy is one of the most relevant and exciting topics of our time.
  • On Wings of Eagles
    On Wings of Eagles assists needy Jews in making aliyah (immigrating to Israel). They come from all over the world — Russia, Argentina, India, Muslim countries, and elsewhere — to escape anti-Semitism and extreme poverty, and to realize the dream of living in their biblical homeland. When they arrive in Israel after making aliyah, we […]
  • The Most Important Flight of My Life
    A Fellowship writer in Israel writes that of all the flights we take from one place to the next, there is nothing as miraculous as a flight that fulfills biblical prophecy.
  • Photo Friday: The Sand by the Sea
    Children in 1933 Tel Aviv gather in the sand beneath an ancient sycamore tree in this photograph taken in pre-state Israel.
  • A Living Testimony
    The Jewish people and the Jewish state are living testimony to the existence of God. Our God is faithful and will keep all His promises.
  • Prayers Answered at the Western Wall
    It would be our honor and privilege to bring your prayers, your words of thanks, and your pleas and requests to God at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.
  • A Big City on the Gaza Border
    The biblical city of Ashkelon lies so close to Gaza that residents have only 30 seconds to reach a bomb shelter when the red alert sirens sound.
  • Photo Friday: Those the Lord Has Rescued Will Return
    Holocaust survivors return to their biblical and historic homeland, the Holy Land, aboard the RMS Mataroa after liberation, 1945.
  • What Is Passover?
    Over the past 3,000 years, Passover has endured as the most celebrated and widely observed holiday in the Jewish tradition. Passover commemorates the seminal event in Jewish history — the story of the Exodus which led to the birth of the Jewish nation, Israel. In addition, the most basic and fundamental principles found in Judaism.
  • Doing Our Part in God’s Holy Work
    Moreover, in doing our part in God's holy work to help His promises come to pass, we demonstrate that we do not ever take His help for granted.
  • Remembering a Dark Past, Ensuring a Bright Future
    As we remember the victims of the Holocaust, let us find comfort in knowing that the Jewish people have faithful friends today, and knowing that as God’s people return to their biblical homeland, prophecy is being fulfilled.
  • Miracles Before Our Eyes
    The Jewish people and the Jewish state are living testimony to God’s existence.

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