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Soldiers and Their Families

For Israel — a tiny country surrounded by enemies who regularly call for her destruction — national defense is a very serious matter. Because the need to remain on guard against attacks from her neighbors is so critical, military service is mandatory for all Israelis.

A good percentage of those serving are lone soldiers, young men and women who have no family in Israel. They bravely step up to protect their adopted country without the support of a loving family. Other soldiers find challenges when they complete their military service, as they don't have the finances to pay for training or education to secure a good job. This presents particular difficulties for poor and immigrant soldiers.

Guardians of Israel addresses the unique needs of these IDF soldiers and veterans, who give some of the best years of their life to secure the Holy Land, by offering a variety of material and emotional support.   

A Soldier’s Story

September 21, 2018

When the soldiers see the Fellowship hospitality vehicle winding down the dirt road, their faces light up like kids who have just heard the sound of an ice cream truck on a hot summer day.

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