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Persecuted and Oppressed Jews

The Fellowship has long been committed to providing prophetic aliyah flights for needy Jewish émigrés from every part of the world. We cannot turn our backs on these who are crying out for help, facing anti-Semitism and deadly terror attacks. The world did that once to Jews in life-threatening need, and we have vowed before God, “Never again!”

Our work rescuing Jews from war and vicious hatred is not complete!

Your prayers and generous gifts truly provide the “wings” of hope and freedom for these suffering people. With God’s blessing, and through your loving support, we will continue to provide more Freedom Flights so that many Jewish lives will be saved. 

Two Are Better Than One

August 29, 2016

Across the world, it seems every day a new danger is posed to us all—rampant terrorism, multiple nations in conflict, spreading disease, and real threats to our family and jobs.

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