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You Can Give Hope to the Needy

Eduard is an elderly Jewish man in Ukraine who suffers from such advanced cancer the doctors refuse to operate on him. But he is not self-pitying. Eduard has a big heart for others, volunteering at his community center when he is not in the hospital!

However, Eduard faces a very uncertain future. And because he and his family struggle daily just to put food on the table, there will be no Passover celebration for Eduard without The Fellowship’s Passover Outreach.

We are not just asking for Eduard alone. He is the patriarch of a sweet family that includes his daughter Erika and her husband, their four children, and one grandchild. Erika has her father’s kind spirit – she adopted her son when she learned he had no family and was entirely on his own.

It is a privilege to help this remarkable, deserving family with their most basic needs. But holidays require a special effort – which is why with your help we are undertaking our Passover Outreach project.

There is so much to be done in a very short time!

Please send a very special holiday gift today to help make Passover special for people like Eduard and his family, to bless them and give them hope!