"This Fellowship food card reminds us that we're not alone." | IFCJ
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"This Fellowship food card reminds us that we're not alone."

Meital, a mother of four, is only 42 years old yet she is barely able to walk. Seven years ago she suffered a stroke that left half of her body paralyzed, and four years ago she suffered a major heart attack that required open-heart surgery to save her life. Her husband's salary is barely enough to cover their basic needs as well as Meital's many medicines.

"My children have nightmares that I'll die," she said. "The hardest thing about being ill is that I'm a burden for my husband and bring out the biggest fears in my children. The hospital has become my second home, and it's traumatizing my dear babies."

Two weeks before Passover, thanks to a Fellowship Passover food card, Meital entered a grocery store with her husband and their twin 13-year-old boys. "This is the first time in four years that I'm in a grocery store," she said. "Because I can barely walk, I usually stay home and my husband does the shopping. But this food card gave me something to celebrate."

The Fellowship Passover food card gave Meital's family the ability to go shopping for special Passover food and also to feel encouragement, faith, and love. "This Fellowship food card reminds us that we're not alone, and it couldn't have come at a better time," said Meital.

When you give to our Passover Campaign, you ensure that needy families like Meital's have needed staple foods as well as special foods, like matzah and grape juice, needed to properly observe Passover.

Please also consider helping impoverished families like Meitals' throughout the year by becoming one of our monthly supporters.