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The Importance of Matzah for Impoverished Jews This Passover

Matzah is a key part of the Passover celebration. Jews eat it during this eight-day celebration in accordance with the biblical law that forbids them to eat any food made with leavened grain.

This wafer-like bread reminds Jews how during the exodus the Israelites left Egypt so quickly there was no time for their bread dough to rise. This and other elements of the seder meal offer symbolic reminders of God's miraculous rescue of the Israelites from slavery.

Watch our informative video to see how matzah is made and why it is so important to Jews today.

Tragically, tens of thousands of impoverished Jews in Israel, the former Soviet Union, and other parts of the world cannot afford this biblically mandated part of the Passover celebration. In fact, they often cannot afford basic necessities such as food, medicine, or heat.

This is why The Fellowship holds our annual Passover Campaign, to raise the funds to ensure that these precious souls can celebrate this important Jewish holiday.

When you give to our Passover Campaign, you help Jewish people in need truly celebrate God's miraculous rescue of the Jews – and you offer a needed reminder that they are not alone.

Please also consider helping impoverished Jews throughout the year by becoming one of our monthly supporters.