"The Fellowship food card made it possible for my children to feel joy this Passover!" | IFCJ
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"The Fellowship food card made it possible for my children to feel joy this Passover!"

Frieda, a 35-year-old mother of five, has had a difficult life full of loneliness, poverty, and illness – yet because of her deep faith in God, the smile on her face rarely fades.

After being raised by a single mother who was constantly struggling with depression, joblessness, and despair, Frieda left home and began supporting herself at the age of 16. She met her husband at 19 and married him a few months later.

Over the next 12 years Frieda gave birth to five children, one of whom is autistic. For years her husband worked as a security guard, and although he only made a little more than minimum wage, they survived on his salary. Even with the little they had, Frieda always went out of her way to help others.

Unfortunately Frieda's husband lost his job nine months ago and fell into a deep depression. He rarely leaves his bed, leaving Frieda to care for their five children alone while trying to get by on the tiny unemployment payments they receive.

"On top of trying to care for the children, I am forced to decide each month which bills will go unpaid," Frieda explains. "I'm terrified our electric will be shut off, because instead of paying the bill I buy food for the children. We moved to public housing a month ago, but we can still barely survive."

This is why the Passover food card she received from The Fellowship means so much. "Without this food card, there is no way my children would have the special biblical food for the Passover holiday. There are no words to describe my gratefulness."

When you give to our Passover Campaign, you ensure that impoverished families like Frieda's have needed staple foods as well as special foods, like matzah and grape juice, needed to properly observe Passover. And, most importantly, you help participate in God's loving provision.

And please consider helping impoverished families like Frieda's throughout the year by becoming one of our monthly supporters.

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