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"The Fellowship filled my home with joy this Passover!"

Kara might seem like an ordinary 82-year-old woman, but her childhood was anything but ordinary – and nothing short of miraculous.

Kara enjoyed a happy childhood in a small Ukrainian town – until the Nazis stormed into her village when she was just ten. Her father was taken into the Red Army, and Kara, her mother, and baby brother, were forced to work long, unbearable hours in the fields providing food for the German army.

One night, a group of Jews escaped into the woods. Kara's family was among them and eventually made it to a Ukrainian Jewish ghetto. Disease, hunger, and Nazi rampages left many dead, but Kara and her family survived.

After the war, a famine forced Kara's family into Uzbekistan, where they started rebuilding their lives. Despite the hardships, Kara eventually graduated high school, married, and had two kids.

In 1990 she fulfilled a lifelong dream by moving to Israel with her husband, their two children, and their families. They all struggled to make it in Israel, but they were finally living in a place where they could openly and proudly be Jewish.

Kara is no stranger to adversity and poverty, and feels the sting of these things even more acutely at the holidays. "All I wanted this Passover was to give my children and grandchildren a taste of the Passovers I enjoyed as a little girl."

This is why Kara was so moved by The Fellowship's Passover food box. "Everything I needed to make this Passover special I found in The Fellowship food box," she says. "The Fellowship filled my home with joy this Passover."

When you give to our Passover Campaign, you ensure that impoverished Holocaust survivors like Kara have needed staple foods as well as special foods, like matzah and grape juice, needed to properly observe Passover.

And please consider helping impoverished families like Kara's throughout the year by becoming one of our monthly supporters.