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Praying for Food and Dignity at Passover

He survived the horrors of the Holocaust in his native Bulgaria … struggled to survive when the Nazis sent him and his family to live in the misery of a Jewish ghetto … saw the Nazis murder many of his family members. And today, tragically, 78-year-old Yehoshua struggles to afford enough food to survive.

Right after the war, Yehoshua and his few remaining relatives made aliyah (immigrated to Israel), where Yehoshua met his wife, Leah. When he was younger, Yehoshua was able to work and provide for his family. Unfortunately, today, due to extreme financial hardship he and Leah often find themselves without any food – like too many other Holocaust survivors in Israel.

Their ongoing struggle against hunger and poverty is even more painful now, as Passover approaches. Yehoshua and Leah can't possibly afford the special foods necessary to observe this sacred Jewish holiday according to biblical tradition.

Thankfully, the food packages Yehoshua and Leah receive through The Fellowship's Fill the Pantry food campaign mean that they don't have to go to bed hungry. "Thanks to The Fellowship and our friends in America," Yehoshua beams, "we will truly be able to celebrate freedom this Passover."

Please help Holocaust survivors like Yehoshua, as well as other impoverished elderly Jews throughout Israel and the former Soviet Union, celebrate this Passover with dignity. Support our Fill the Pantry food drive today – and may God bless you for your generosity.