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Now Is Your Chance to Make a Lifesaving Difference!

On any given day, our Fellowship offices in Jerusalem and Chicago receive hundreds of urgent requests for help from desperate Jewish individuals, families, and local leaders throughout Israel and other distressed countries worldwide.

It is through your help – and the help of thousands more people like you – that The Fellowship is able to assist these struggling Jewish people with food, clothing, and shelter, as well as security for their schools, synagogues, and other Jewish institutions.

Some of the biggest assistance comes from our Friends of The Fellowship, a special group of dedicated people who make a faith commitment toward monthly support of The Fellowship's outreach programs.

This dedication to consistent monthly giving is critical to our work providing aid for suffering people and helping Jews in danger make their prophetic aliyah to Israel.

When you become a Friend of The Fellowship, your monthly gifts provide rescue and lifesaving care for thousands of people in need. We desperately need your help, to further answer the calls for assistance, which deserve our best and quickest response!

Please prayerfully consider this opportunity to respond to God's call to care for those in need by becoming a Friend of The Fellowship!