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Help Make a Declaration of Life!

Hundreds of thousands of hurting Jews desperately need a MESSAGE OF HOPE as Passover arrives!

Israel stands on constant guard against terror attacks on innocent people. Traumatized Jews are seeking to flee Ukraine, France, and other places as anti-Semitism is reaching alarming levels. And the maniacal Islamist regime in Iran is more boldly committed than ever to Israel’s annihilation.

Yet, in the midst of these concerns and attempts to destroy them, Jews around the world will pray for protection and deliverance as they celebrate the feast of Passover in just a few short weeks.

This Passover, we have the opportunity to provide much-needed food to the poorest, and those most in need of hope, among God’s ancient people.

Indeed, your prayers and gifts toward our 2016 Passover outreach will show the Jewish people they are not alone in their fight for survival, and allow them to celebrate Passover with dignity.

With this sacred season rapidly approaching, we prayerfully ask that you stand with the Jewish people by giving your generous gift now to complete this food distribution to thousands of Jews in need!