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Finally a Reason to Celebrate

Alexander and Ilene's mom agonizes over the fact that she cannot financially support her children, whom she loves dearly. Her husband is retired and receives a small pension, and she works extremely hard as a nursing assistant in a hospital, but her salary is very small and is often delayed. Their joint income is hardly enough for the two of them, let alone their four children.

The two eldest children recently left for boarding schools, one in Israel and the other in Ukraine, hoping to get on the path to a better future. Their mother is very proud of them, but worries that she will not be able to help them at all as they begin their adult lives.

The two younger children, Alexander and Ilene, are often sick, and so a third of the parents' measly income is spent on medication. The youngest son was diagnosed with double pneumonia shortly after his birth, and ever since his health has been in jeopardy.

The Fellowship's assistance is the only help this family receives, and it plays a key factor in their ability to survive and look forward to a better life. They receive a monthly food card, and this year they received a special food box for Passover so they could celebrate this holiday with all the required foods and with a sense of dignity.

Thanks to your generous support of our Passover Outreach, we have been able help this struggling family and many others like them celebrate this Jewish holiday that remembers God's miraculous rescue of the Israelites. As we help alleviate their poverty, we are privileged to be part of God's ongoing rescue of His people.