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Excited to Finally Celebrate Passover Again

Lina was just 6 when her family had to flee their native Ukraine during World War II. The Jewish family was evacuated to Russia, and eventually moved to Moldova after the war.

Life was happy for Lina for many years – she went to school, found a job, got married, and had a son – but recently her life has once again been filled with hardship. Her son, Yosef, moved far away, and then her husband passed away. Lina is now all alone.

On top of her isolation, Lina is battling cancer – and is barely making ends meet on her meager monthly pension of just $66. Her poverty is grinding, but during the Jewish holidays, her situation is especially painful. As a child, Lina's family always celebrated the holidays, and she tries to keep their memory alive by celebrating, too – but she is unable to afford any of the special food required to celebrate Passover, one of her favorite holidays.

But this year for Passover, The Fellowship provided Lina with a food package containing matzah, for which she was immensely grateful. She was so excited to make the traditional Passover meals! In addition to help during the holidays, Lina also receives regular food, homecare, and winter relief from The Fellowship, and she is so grateful to know she is no longer alone.

There are many other Jews like Lina, who are barely getting by on a daily basis, and who are especially moved to be remembered at Passover. With your generous support of our Passover Outreach, we can help them celebrate this Jewish holiday that remembers God's miraculous rescue of the Israelites. And by helping to alleviate their poverty, we are privileged to be part of God's ongoing rescue of His people.