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A Single Mom Struggles to Provide a Passover Meal

"For years I worked day and night to support my kids," says Kerela, an elderly Jewish woman who immigrated to Israel from India. After moving to Israel with her parents, Kerela was married off to another Indian immigrant when she was only 19. Tragically, her husband soon became abusive and she was left to raise their five children on her own.

Today Kerela works part-time helping sick and elderly Israelis. She lives in a tiny, crowded apartment. "I barely have any money in my bank account, and buying food on a regular basis is a struggle," Kerela explains. "Holidays are the hardest."

"All winter long we look forward to Passover," she says. "It's the only time when all five of my kids are together. It is so important for me as a mother." But as the holiday approached this year she was deeply saddened – she knew she couldn't afford the special food to celebrate the Passover Seder meal.

Thankfully, she received a Passover food box from The Fellowship. "It was heaven sent," Kerela says. "Without it I would have felt like a failure. You have given this mother the greatest gift for the holiday: the ability to enjoy the festive meal with my children. God bless The Fellowship."

Tragically, there are so many Jews like Kerela – hardworking people who simply cannot afford to celebrate the sacred holiday of Passover according to biblical custom. This is why The Fellowship launched the Passover Fill the Pantry campaign – to give dignity to needy Jewish people throughout Israel and the former Soviet Union, and to give them hope.

Please help impoverished people like Kerela. Support our Fill the Pantry food drive today – and may God bless you for your generosity.