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A Brave Liberator Finally Freed from Poverty at Passover

"I had the honor of liberating two concentration camps," Michael says proudly while holding up his WWII medallions. At 19, Michael was forced into the Red Army and separated from his family while they were fleeing their native Ukraine. They were literally running for their lives, as all the Jews who stayed behind were killed.

After the war, Michael and his family, who miraculously all survived, were reunited in Ukraine. While they were grateful to be alive, they faced many difficulties – the Jewish community had been decimated, their homes had been overtaken during the war, and anti-Semitism was rampant.

"We lived in shame and fear," Michael says. Although it seemed impossible, the lingering hope of reaching Israel was what enabled Jews trapped in the former Soviet Union to endure the constant cruelty.

Finally, in 1991, Michael and his wife received the answer to a lifetime of prayers – they touched down on Israeli soil. "We were overwhelmed with joy," Michael recalls emotionally.

But this long-awaited move wasn't easy. "We had no money, no belongings, and were too old to start looking for work, especially since we could not speak more than a word or two of Hebrew," Michael explains.

Poverty has hit them hard, and they feel it most during the holidays. In Ukraine they were forbidden from observing Jewish holidays, and now, with no money for the special foods needed to celebrate Passover, it seemed poverty would prevent them from observing yet again.

Fortunately,The Fellowship provides food packages to impoverished Jewish people like Michael. "You have made a real difference in our lives," Michael says. "Thank you!"

When you give to our Passover Campaign, you help Jewish people in need truly celebrate God's miraculous rescue of the Jews at Passover – a rescue people like Michael appreciate more than most.

And please consider helping impoverished survivors like Michael throughout the year by becoming one of our monthly supporters.