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Rabbi with food box

Thousands Reached at Passover!

We thank God for the care that faithful Fellowship friends provided to needy Jewish people by answering the prophet’s call to “comfort ye, comfort ye my people.” Even though...

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You Can Turn Their Cries for Help into Tears of Joy

Time is running short to provide 50,000 Passover food boxes to the needy. Greeting these single mothers with their little children beside them is a heartbreaking reminder of the depths of their...

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You Can Give Hope to the Needy

Eduard is an elderly Jewish man in Ukraine who suffers from such advanced cancer the doctors refuse to operate on him. He faces a very uncertain future. And because he and his family struggle daily...

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fundraising story, Passover

You Can Be Sarah’s Hope!

The only hope Sarah has to celebrate Passover is by receiving a special box of holiday essentials from The Fellowship. And the only way we can ensure this precious Holocaust survivor will...

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Help Make a Declaration of Life!

You can send a message of hope to hundreds of thousands of Jews this Passover. Israel stands on constant guard against terror attacks on innocent people. Yet, in the midst of these concerns and...

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Passover, crying woman

You Can Answer Their Cries

With your help, The Fellowship is rushing food and other aid to needy Jews worldwide through our critical 2016 Passover outreach. Passover has represented the hope of deliverance for Jews...

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Now Is Your Chance to Make a Lifesaving Difference!

Leon's single mom can't afford the special foods her sickly son needs to get healthy let alone any of the special foods they need to celebrate Passover according to biblical tradition. Learn how...

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Giving an Impoverished Young Man a Reason to Celebrate this Passover

Ten-year-old Nodar lives with his mother, aunt, grandmother, and great-grandmother in Georgia. They are barely surviving on his grandmother and great-grandmother's pensions, which means that a day...

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Don't Let Them Leave Empty-Handed

With just a few days left until Passover, needy Jewish people throughout Israel are already praying that there will be enough Fellowship food boxes to go around.

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The Importance of Matzah for Impoverished Jews This Passover

Matzah is a key part of the Passover celebration. Jews eat it during this eight-day celebration in accordance with the biblical law that forbids them to eat any food made with leavened grain.

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Finally a Reason to Celebrate

Alexander and Ilene's mom agonizes over the fact that she cannot financially support her children, whom she loves dearly. Her husband is retired and receives a small pension, and she works...

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"This Fellowship food card reminds us that we're not alone."

Meital, a mother of four, can barely walk after suffering a stroke and a heart attack. Her children have nightmares she'll die and her husband struggles to afford the family's needs and Meital's...

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Providing Lifesaving Food and Precious Dignity

Many of us think of a gift card as a thoughtful present to spend on something we might not otherwise buy for ourselves. But for impoverished people in Israel, the gift of a food card provided by...

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Dancing for Joy this Passover Thanks to The Fellowship

Vladimir was grateful to survive the Holocaust, but faced anti-Semitism and poverty throughout his life in Ukraine. When he finally moved to Israel, his spiritual homeland, poverty threatened to...

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"The Fellowship food card made it possible for my children to feel joy this Passover!"

Frieda, a 35-year-old mother of five, has had a difficult life full of loneliness, poverty, and illness – yet because of her deep faith in God, the smile on her face rarely fades.

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