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Passover Stories

Elderly woman wearing white headscarf

A Blessing of Food and Faith

Frieda often goes without food in order to buy the medicine she needs to survive. You can be a blessing of nourishment and comfort for Passover and all year long. 

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Yael with elderly woman, blue sweater. Living in Israel at 80 years old, Miryam is battling cancer but also has two disabled sons who need constant medical attention. Miryam cannot afford food each day, much less the special foods needed to observe Passover with dignity and hope.

An Impossible Decision

Deciding between medical care and daily food is a harsh reality for Miryam, much less buying the special foods needed to observe Passover with dignity and hope.

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Elderly woman, purple headscarf, gray coat

She Prayed Blessings Over Us

If it were not for the compassionate, loving care of Christians like you, who through The Fellowship, provide basic food, warm clothes, and medicines, Simcha would not survive.

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A gift of $25 will provide a Jewish family like Elana’s a Passover Blessing with the essential food items and provisions needed to nourish their bodies and observe this Passover with dignity.

Elana Still Needs You

As many Fellowship friends rush Passover Food Blessings to feed impoverished Jews for Passover 2019, learn about the life-changing impact your compassion has on those you are helping.

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Desperate Mother Calls Passover Food Box "a miracle"

There are too many desperate Holocaust survivors, single mothers, and children going hungry this very moment. Take a moment to change a life today with your best Passover gift!

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Elderly woman (Katya) wearing a green scarf and purple jacket

Comforting a Holocaust Orphan

What an unspeakable horror to be just 4 years old and witness your best friend’s mother and younger brother shot in cold blood by the Nazis. Katya was this child.

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Elderly woman wearing pink headscarf, blue jacket, Anna from Ukraine

Relying on Strangers

Maria vividly remembers the last conversation she had with her mother. She was just eight when her mother begged her to look after her younger sister, Anna, who is both disabled and deaf.

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woman (Vlasta Postoljuk) wearing brown sweater, black belt, blue jeans. Laundry hanging on clothesline, house, daytime.

They Would Go Hungry for Days

It is hard to imagine the desperation and struggle that Vlasta and her family face, especially during the season of Passover. Their tiny home is severely rundown, has no running water inside,...

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Yael holding elderly woman, crying and wrapped in a blanket

The Blessing of Hope

Luba has not had a visitor to her home in over a year. With no remaining family, this aging orphan of the Holocaust is filled with great loss, pain, and deep loneliness.

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Providing Lifesaving Food and Precious Dignity

Many of us think of a gift card as a thoughtful present to spend on something we might not otherwise buy for ourselves. But for impoverished people in Israel, the gift of a food card provided by...

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A Needy Holocaust Survivor Can Finally Celebrate

Sofiya was just a child when the Nazis invaded her homeland of Ukraine. She and her mother were evacuated to Tajikistan, where Sofiya became heartbroken when her mother passed away soon after....

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