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Theresa - On Wings of Eagles "The key to my success"

Theresa made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) from her native Chile with her three sons in December 2009. "I would read the Torah and it was like God was speaking directly that I should move to Israel," she said.

Theresa has always been open about her faith, which left her feeling vulnerable and scared in Chile. "It is not acceptable in Chile to be different, yet I would tell everyone that I was Jewish," she said. "There have been times that I have been scared for my safety because people have such hate for the Jewish people, yet they have never intimidated me to lose pride in my Jewish heritage."

Theresa is thrilled that she and her children can live proudly as Jews in Israel. Today, the family lives in an absorption center funded by The Fellowship's On Wings of Eagles program. There, they have a two-room apartment, take Hebrew classes, and receive emotional support designed to help them through their first year in Israel. The absorption center even helped Theresa sign her children up for school and is assisting her in finding a job.

Though getting accustomed to life in Israel hasn't always been easy, Theresa credits On Wings of Eagles with helping her find her way in her new home. "There are challenges in moving to a new country," she says, "but I have never been so happy in my life. This absorption center is the key to my success in Israel. The Fellowship is helping me build a strong foundation to go out on my own and truly succeed. Thank you so much."

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