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Single Mom of Six Finally Safe in the Holy Land

For years Oshra lived in fear of persecution for being a Jewish woman in Yemen, an Arab country ruled by the harsh dictates of Islamic law. The fact that she's now safe and freely practicing her Jewish faith in the land of her spiritual forefathers is nothing short of a miracle. And The Fellowship was privileged to play a key role in her story.

Oshra was one of five children born to Orthodox Jewish parents in Yemen. "Our Jewish traditions and culture were so rich when I was growing up," Oshra recalls. "We kept the Bible's commandments with love, song, worship, and joy."

Lowering her voice to a whisper, Oshra says, "Today, there is no freedom, joy, song, or worship for the Jewish people in Yemen. There is only fear." The persecution she experienced under Muslim rule is terrifying. "In Yemen, if women walk around without a full burka face-covering and a long, black traditional Arab dress, we will be stoned or beheaded," she explains.

After a painful divorce from an abusive man, Oshra sought help from The Fellowship, and we flew her and her six children to Israel through our On Wings of Eagles program.

Now in Israel, Oshra is teaching her children the Bible and Jewish traditions that she learned from her parents. "My prayers have come to frutition, that my children will not have the same traumatic childhood as me," Oshra says. "Finally, being Jewish is something that we can celebrate instead of fear.

"The only way that I was finally able to get my children out of a life full of persecution and fear in Yemen was because of The Fellowship's help," Oshra says. "Please continue your wonderful and godly work until all of the Jews of Yemen are home and free here in the Holy Land."

Tragically, there are thousands of Jews in Yemen, other Arab nations, the former Soviet Union, and beyond who are suffering from anti-Semitic oppression or extreme poverty who are not able to make the trip to Israel. And the window is quickly closing for the thousands of Ethiopian Jews who have been granted permission to make aliyah (immigrate to Israel) by the end of this year.

These Jewish people desperately need our help to make it to Israel. Your support of The Fellowship and our On Wings of Eagles ministry will help fulfill God's promise to "gather the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth" (Isaiah 11:12). Please give as generously as you can on their behalf.