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Seeking a Safe Space

“We left everything behind, including the home itself. What could we do?
We had to run. We have no pension or money to buy medicine or food.”

At 71, Ludmilla and Alexander should be enjoying the relaxed, simple life of retirement. Instead, the war in Ukraine arrived on their doorstep.

All at once, their life was uprooted as the bombing nearby became so intense that they were forced to flee with little more than the clothes on their backs.

Ludmilla and Alexander had no money and no medicine when they abandoned their home. They were devastated and scared, yet hopeful as they boarded the Fellowship-sponsored Freedom Flight to flee to safety in their spiritual homeland, Israel.

At The Fellowship, we are praying for the resources to rescue 350 suffering Jews in the next month alone.

With one voice, our petition to God is that He will raise up friends like you, to generously Give Together to bring Jews out of danger on a Fellowship Freedom Flight.

That is why we urge you to give your most generous gift of $35, $150, or even $350 for Jewish families and elderly who are fleeing terror, violence, and war to make aliyah (immigrate) to the Holy Land.

With your heartfelt gift, you are joining many others to provide needy Jewish people safe passage to Israel and assistance with a new and safe life.

Your lifesaving gift is a blessing to those who have nowhere else to turn. Let us Give Together for the common goal of rescuing Jews in peril, like Ludmilla and Alexander.