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Rosa—The Steep Price of Anti-Semitism

Rosa, 27, was born into a family deeply rooted in Judaism. But her family paid a steep price for their faith. Rosa's grandfather faced tremendous anti-Semitism at work, and during the years of harsh Communist rule was sent to a forced labor camp. When he returned home, Rosa's grandparents made the conscious decision to hide the fact that they were Jewish. "Religion was outlawed, and Jews were persecuted," Rosa says. "But what can you do? When you live under an anti-Semitic regime, they know who's Jewish."

Despite the dangers, Rosa's family never turned their back on Judaism and they continued to keep Jewish traditions behind closed doors. Rosa says that as a result of this, she lived her life dreaming of the day when she would live in Israel. "I knew that there was a Jewish homeland where a person doesn't have to change his name or hide his beliefs," she says. "To me, that seemed like the ultimate freedom."

Just this past year, Rosa was finally able to realize her dream of living in her Jewish homeland with the help The Fellowship's On Wings of Eagles program, which not only funded her aliyah (immigration to Israel) but assisted her in her resettlement as well. She is currently learning Hebrew at the Fellowship-funded Beit Canada absorption center in Jerusalem, and plans to contribute to Israel's growth and development in the scientific field.

"It's a great feeling to know that Christians worldwide are supporting the immigration of Jews to Israel," Rosa says. "Coming to Israel is the start of my new life, and I'm so grateful to The Fellowship's donors for making it possible."

With the recent upsurge of anti-Semitism in countries all over the world, your donations to On Wings Of Eagles are more important than ever. Your assistance is desperately needed to help these suffering Jews escape oppression and extreme poverty. Take part in the fulfillment of biblical prophecy and bring them home On Wings of Eagles today