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Rachmiel: A New Home In Israel

Growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa, Rachmiel, 22, always had a very strong sense of his Jewish identity. "Religion and Zionism were a very important part of my youth," he says. He attended Jewish day schools and his community went to great lengths to raise money for Israel.

Despite a happy childhood, Rachmiel says that during the 90s, when a new governing body came to power, the comfort he had previously felt was shattered. "I remember the time very vividly," he says. "It was a scary time for the Jewish community. I always had to worry that the Jewish people were in danger."

Since that time, Rachmiel longed to escape anti-Semitism in South Africa and make a home for himself in Israel – and just this past year, he was given the incredible opportunity to live in his biblical homeland, thanks to The Fellowship's On Wings of Eagles program.

Wings not only funded Rachmiel's aliyah (immigration to Israel), but his klitah (resettlement) as well. Rachmiel is now living in an absorption center in Jerusalem where he is learning Hebrew in preparation for his army service. "Israel is my new home," he says. "This is a country that has opened its doors to me. I want to give back to it."

Rachmiel is deeply grateful to The Fellowship's On Wings of Eagles partners for helping for fulfill the longing for Israel God put in his heart. "You should all be proud of yourselves for helping the Jewish people to return home," he says. "You're part of the success that has helped us become a free people in charge of our destiny."

Your gift to On Wings of Eagles can help young people like Rachmiel become full, productive citizens of Israel. Please give today—and may God bless you for your generosity!