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Liora: Finally Home

Seventeen years ago, Liora started a journey when she made Aliyah (immigrated to Israel) from Russia as a 14-year-old girl and began attending a Fellowship-funded boarding school in Jerusalem. But that journey was never really complete until last month, when the rest of her family – her mother, brother, grandfather, and uncle – finally made aliyah, thanks to a Fellowship Freedom Flight from Ukraine.

Liora's family had been living in eastern Ukraine, and two months ago, her aunt was killed when a missile fell on the family's home. The family was devastated, and their home was destroyed – they were left with nothing. Liora began trying to help them from Israel, and when she heard that The Fellowship was organizing more flights for refugees she got in touch with Fellowship staff immediately. "They took up the cause energetically," she says. "Fellowship representatives got in touch with my distraught family and shortly after, they were getting ready to make aliyah."

Liora was at the airport when the Freedom Flight landed, and she ran and embraced her family members as they got off the plane. Liora knows her historic journey to Israel is complete. She's now surrounded by family in the land of their spiritual forefathers. Finally, they are all home.