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Lidia: The Missing Piece

Lidia is a twenty-three-year-old Jew who until recently lived in Russia. Her grandfather was a doctor falsely accused of being a "Zionist spy" during the years of oppressive Communist rule and was murdered by the Soviet authorities. After this tragedy, Lidia's grandmother relocated her family and hid every trace of their religion. Lidia did not know she was Jewish until three years ago when her mother finally told her the truth.

This revelation changed Lidia's life. "It was like a light bulb lit up inside of me," she says. "All of a sudden I felt as if something that I didn't even know was missing had been returned to me." Armed with this new knowledge, she began to learn about her Jewish heritage. But, despite the fall of Communism, she knew anti-Semitism in Russia was alive and well. She longed to move to Israel, where she could live proudly as a Jew.

Thanks to On Wings of Eagles, Lidia was given the opportunity to move to Israel and reclaim her lost Jewish roots an opportunity she gladly took. She was offered the chance to live in several different Israeli cities, but chose Jerusalem. "If I'm going to be in the Holy Land," she asks, "why not be in the holiest city?"

When asked how she feels now to be in her biblical homeland, Lidia smiles. "It's still somewhat overwhelming for me to realize that I'm living in Israel," she says. "A little over three years ago the place wasn't even part of my consciousness. Israel is a great country. You can't walk anywhere without feeling as if you're a part of history."

Your gift to On Wings of Eagles helps Jews like Lidia, who have been unable to embrace their heritage because of religious oppression, make aliyah (immigrate to Israel). Please give generously to Wings today!