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Kayla: From sadness and tragedy to new life in Israel

Kayla’s shyness masks a life of sadness and tragedy. She remembers a happy childhood with her mother in the Ukraine, and a good relationship with her father who worked on ships and was away for long stretches.

However, four years ago, a car accident claimed the life of her mother. Kayla still regrets that she never said goodbye. Her father quickly remarried, moved the family to a different city and resumed his long absences, leaving Kayla alone with a stepmother she did not get along with. And, in school, she confronted anti-Semitism for the first time. "Suddenly, my Jewish roots became a curse, and I couldn't make any new friends," she says.

When her father decided to move once again, Kayla's grandmother intervened and brought Kayla to Israel with the help of your gifts to On Wings of Eagles. But constant change had taken a toll, and Kayla struggled with her new life.

She is now enrolled at the Bat Zion boarding school for girls, funded by The Fellowship. The supportive environment has transformed Kayla’s outlook: "I feel different now, as if I'm lighter. I've made new friends and I finally have a sense of stability and people I can count on."

On Wings of Eagles helped Kayla overcome a past filled with great hardship - and your gift to Wings can offer a helping hand to immigrants facing similar challenges. Please give today!