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Karanis: A Family United

After suffering for decades as Jews living under oppressive Arab rule, the Karani family resolved to try to come to Israel. It was a risky proposition. Jews where the Karanis live have few rights, and are forbidden to leave. But the promise of freedom in Israel, their biblical homeland, gave them hope for the journey.

The Karanis two oldest sons went first, evading authorities by traveling along back roads to the Holy Land. Next, two of their siblings joined them, taking the same arduous route. Then the trouble began. When the government realized what was happening, they tried to keep the family from leaving. Passports were confiscated, and a new law was enacted whereby any Jewish family daring to leave the country was forced to leave behind one member as a hostage.

But the Karanis eventually raised the necessary "fees" to secure their release from oppression. Reunited at last in Israel, the eight family members thanked God for their escape and their new lives of hope and peace. At last, they are able to celebrate their Jewish heritage and rituals without shame or fear. And klitah (resettlement) assistance provided through The Fellowship's On Wings of Eagles program will help them to learn Hebrew and find work in their new home.

The Karanis are among the lucky ones. Sadly, many more struggle to survive in Arab countries hostile to their very existence. Yet, with your continued gifts to On Wings of Eagles, these too will one day realize the promise of life in their biblical homeland! Please give today.