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Fulfilling Prophecy – and a Lifelong Dream

As an elderly man now, Dagef still clearly remembers his childhood days in Ethiopia, sitting in his grandfather's lap, listening to him relate biblical tales of the Jewish people. Dagef remembers how his grandfather would end the story of the exodus with his finger pointed north towards Israel. "My grandpa assured us that God would redeem us from our exile as He had redeemed our ancestors from Egypt," Dagef recalls.

As Dagef grew up, he developed a profound yearning to move to Israel. He and his wife, Yeshorek, waited eagerly for close to 17 years to fulfill this dream. They had to overcome many hurdles in order to receive permission to leave Ethiopia. "With each passing day, we felt that our chances of moving to Israel were dwindling," Dagef explains.

Despite all the hardships and frustration they experienced through the many years of waiting, last year Dagef, Yeshorek, and their three sons fulfilled their life-long dream and made aliyah to Israel with help from The Fellowship's On Wings of Eagles program. Looking at his wife with a loving smile, Dagef describes the day they left Ethiopia, "We felt like on that day the sun was shining just for us."

"I thank God for bringing the Ethiopian Jews back to Israel," he says. "This was foretold in the prophets, and we are fortunate to see it materialize in our day. I am also filled with tremendous gratitude for The Fellowship and Christians in America. They were God's messengers who brought us out of Ethiopia, and their love and assistance continue to guide us here in Israel. Without The Fellowship standing behind us, we simply could not make a life for ourselves and our family here in Israel. God bless them all."

Tragically, hundreds of thousands of Jews around the world are facing violent anti-Semitism and extreme poverty, anxiously awaiting their turn to come home to Israel. Your gift today can fill every seat on the next Freedom Flight. Please prayerfully consider committing to a monthly gift to help rescue every Jewish person longing to find safety in the Holy Land.

Your support of The Fellowship and our On Wings of Eagles ministry will help fulfill God's promise to "gather the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth" (Isaiah 11:12).