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From Fear and Danger to a New Life

In Exodus 19:4, God told Moses, "You yourselves have seen … how I carried you on eagles' wings and brought you to myself."

This verse has been an inspiration for The Fellowship's On Wings of Eagles program helping rescue Jewish people from countries where they face virulent hatred and economic hardships.

This hatred was frighteningly personal to Vladimir, a young Jew who described living in Russia by saying that: "A normal person cannot possibly imagine what life was like. The hatred against Jews was so intense. It was dangerous in some places just to be known as a Jew! And the situation continued to get worse."

Thank God, we were able to help rescue Vladimir, his wife, and their two small children by airlifting them to Israel on a Wings of Eagles-sponsored "Freedom Flight" made possible by compassionate friends like you.

But tens of thousands of other Jewish families and individuals are still waiting and praying for their chance to make their biblically prophesied aliyah (immigration) to Israel. All they need is a caring person to help provide their Freedom Flight to the Holy Land.

That is because these desperate people have no way to cover the expense — even though it costs just $350 on average to help return one needy Jewish immigrant to Israel. You are the best hope these people have to escape their countries of distress and reach Israel safely On Wings of Eagles.

You can help save Jewish lives by supporting this crucial work. Perhaps you can provide the $350 that will help a struggling Jewish immigrant make aliyah. We also need friends who can give $700 to rescue two people, or perhaps $1,050 or $1,400 for a family of three or four.

Your kindness will give more suffering Jews their biblical "wings of freedom" to Israel — a gift of life and hope.