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Fleeing from War a Second Time

This past year was a particularly difficult year for Jews in Israel and around the world. For many in Ukraine, including thousands of Holocaust survivors, it was especially challenging as the war-torn region was rocked with turmoil and conflict.

For Aza, an 88-year-old Holocaust survivor, this year stirred childhood memories of deep hurt and darkness. As a very young child, she and her mother had to flee as Nazis invaded their hometown. Aza never returned to her original home.

Tragically, the recent conflict in Ukraine forced Aza to flee her home for a second time. That is why The Fellowship needs your help.

Through our Fellowship programs, we have assisted hundreds of thousands of Jews in making their personal aliyah (immigration) to Israel and provided much needed security around the world.

We must remain prepared to respond in the wake of terror attacks and escalating anti-Semitism around the world. We must remain vigilant in our efforts to meet to needs of Jewish children, families, and elderly like Aza, who are trapped in harms way.

Because of the help of faithful friends like you, The Fellowship can take immediate and life-changing action for Jewish people in war-torn regions like Ukraine. Your help is part of fulfilling Biblical prophecy.

Please reaffirm your commitment today to the Jewish people with a monthly gift. Your faithful support will be a as a significant part in the next freedom flight, and a resounding assurance to Jews around the world, that they are not alone!