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Can a Prophetic Return Prevent Another Holocaust?

The same deadly anti-Semitism that led the Nazis to cruelly exterminate 6 million Jews is growing stronger and spreading even farther today.

It is occurring in France, England, South America, Indonesia, and the Middle East, where Islamic terrorists, neo-Nazis, and other hate-filled groups are committed to the annihilation of all Jews and the state of Israel.

The Bible prophesies that the persecution of Jews will increase in the end times. We cannot know for sure if these days are upon us – yet, we know without doubt that

With the increasing unrest and rising death toll in both the Middle East and other Israel-hating lands, the tide of anti-Semitism is rising relentlessly.

Unquestionably, now is the time to save more Jewish lives. And that is what The Fellowship is doing in our prophetic, lifesaving work through On Wings of Eagles Freedom Flights – for additional Freedom Flights from Ukraine and other parts of the world where Jews are in grave danger! Thank you for caring.