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Because Their Lives Are In Danger

Because of the compassionate support of friends like you, The Fellowship serves hundreds of thousands of needy and impoverished Jews in Israel, the former Soviet Union, and around the world. 

Tragically, due to severe security concerns, there are numerous ministry efforts that cannot be shared publically without putting the lives of many vulnerable Jewish men, women, and children in grave danger.

One such secret ministry effort includes emergency Freedom Flights from closed countries where Jews live in dangerous situations, amidst violent anti-Semitism and extreme poverty.

These scared and vulnerable Jewish souls are counting on us for help—and for protection. It is up to us to be the shield of God for these who have nowhere else to turn.

And these dangerous missions that God has called on us to help carry out are just one part of our efforts together, efforts that depend upon your compassionate prayers and generous support.

For over three decades now, The Fellowship has been participating in the ingathering of the Jewish people from the “four corners” of the earth (Isaiah 11:12). Together with you, the On Wings of Eagles ministry has delivered hundreds of thousands suffering Jews out of extreme poverty and persecution and home to their biblical homeland – Israel.

Please prayerfully consider a monthly gift through The Fellowship to support critical, secret ministry rescue efforts.

Your monthly gift allows us to respond today and tomorrow, knowing that you are standing with the Jewish people and The Fellowship.