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Arriving on the Wings of Eagles

This prophesized return of Jewish Exiles to Israel included the "lost tribe" of Dan whose descendants lived in Ethiopia.

The Fellowship and our On Wings of Eagles program helped rescue these needy Jews who longed to make their prophetic aliyah (immigration) to Israel.

Ulegar is one Ethiopian Jew who was airlifted to Israel via On Wings of Eagles. She is a widow whose husband died after a few years of marriage. Her single comfort was their only child, a beloved son. But when the Ethiopian military came to Ulegar's village picking up boys to join the army, her son was taken. Sadly, she never saw him again.

Shattered by grief, Ulegar cried so much that her eyes became infected. It would have been a simple ailment to treat, but with no doctor in her village, Ulegar lost her sight. She had literally been blinded by grief. When a group of Jewish families made the trip to Addis Ababa to board their Wings-sponsored "Freedom Flight" to Israel, they took Ulegar with them. Thanks to the generous donations of Fellowship supporters, Ulegar is now safe in Israel!

"I am so moved that friends of Israel in America care about me," Ulegar said. "Through my service to the people of Israel, I hope to be able to repay everything that I have received."