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Your Winter Survival Help Is Urgently Needed!

We have often sat in freezing shacks in the former Soviet Union, holding the weathered hands of elderly Jews as they wept with gratitude for the winter care we brought them.

We have also wept with the poor Jewish elderly in Israel who cannot afford to stay warm in the winter – if they want to eat!

Lubya lost 22 family members to the Nazis, while Gregor spent over a year in hiding after escaping from a ghetto.

This sweet couple came to Israel as Holocaust survivors. Sadly, they are still struggling. They can’t afford to heat their apartment and also get much-needed dental care. But thanks to your gifts, we gave them a special grant for their heating bills.

The Fellowship’s Winter Warmth project provides heating assistance, warm blankets, and food for impoverished Jews such as Gregor and Lubya.

Please take a moment to watch this brief video about the critical work of Operation Winter Warmth.