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Yevgeniya: The Gift of Hope

Yevgeniya, 63, lives in the former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan with her daughter and grandson. The entire family occupies an old two-room apartment in dire need of repair.

Yevgeniya's medical problems forced her into early retirement. She now spends her time caring for her young grandson, whose mother is rarely home because she works during the day — and then squanders the small amount of money she makes going out at night.

Although Yevgeniya receives a pension of $134 a month, it is not enough to cover the family's basic needs. They barely have enough for food and are in debt to several utility companies. What little the family had was taken during a recent break-in.

"Do you see any furniture here? It's all been stolen!" says Yevgeniya, throwing her arms up in despair. "Before the theft we thought we had nothing, and now we really have nothing."

When Yevgeniya was at her wit's end, The Fellowship's Isaiah 58 program stepped in to provide desperately needed relief. "After the break-in, funds from Isaiah 58 replaced our beds and refrigerator," Yevgeniya explains. In addition, Isaiah 58 provides the family with monthly food packages, medication, and warm clothing for the bitter Uzbek winters. She says that this generosity lifted her spirits by reminding her that there are people willing to give and not just take.

Your gift to our Isaiah 58 ministry supplies basic necessities to poor Jews like Yevgeniya throughout the former Soviet Union. But it also provides the greatest gift of all — the gift of hope. Please give today